How does sticky add to cart module work?

In today’s ecommerce providing a seamless shopping experience is crucial for success. Optimizing your store for an easy to checkout process is not only important but also required. Sticky add to cart module helps to improve the shopping experience by adding a floating add to cart bar and a sticky cart in your Shopify store.

Sticky cart adds a floating cart and checkout bar, which becomes visible when shopper scrolls down in your product page. The floating cart and the button is fully functional and always visible on the shopper’s screen. This simple app significantly reduces cart abandonment and increases conversion rate.

How does it work?

  • Activate the module from genie dashboard.
  • Sticky add to cart module comes with preset design so that you can start immediately. You can also modify colors, style and texts according to you need.
  • Once activated and setup, the sticky bar will appear seamlessly in desktop and mobile.

Sticky add to cart is lightweight and mobile responsive. It works seamlessly in any screen sizes and templates.

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