How to connect analytics and auto-responders with genie page builder?

Genie page builder integrates seamlessly with different analytics, newsletter services and crms. You can integrate Mailchimp, Klaviyo etc as a crm and integrate analytics like Facebook pixel or Google analytics for better retargeting and traffic analysis. Follow the instruction below to use the feature:

Step-1: Go to integration page from the page builder menu and click on create new integration button.


Step-2: Now give your new integration a name and select the integration type from dropdown. Keep the title unique, so you can differentiate it later.


Step-3: The next part of the form will change based on the integration type you’ve selected. Fill the form with appropriate information and click the create button.


Step-4: You can use the newly created integration in any of your pages. Go to page list from the main menu and initiate editor for the page you want to add the integration. Once the editor has loaded, go to Settings>>Integrate section and activate the integration for this page. Save and your integration is ready. You can use the same integration in multiple pages.


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