Genie page builder editing area explained.

Genie page builder supports both external landing pages and any existing page from shopify store. Landing pages are hosted by genie app which is outside of your shopify store. Other types of pages like shopify homepage, product page, blog posts, collection pages etc are hosted by shopify.

When you edit these store pages, you have option to edit the whole page or part of it. You will be asked to select your content edit area before you open the editor.

Full page edit

Full page edit allows you to customize the whole page. You can add, edit or remove everything of a page including header and footer. The page will not depend on the shop’s original design resources like css or javascripts.

Content area edit

Content area edit allows you to customize only the content area of the page. Your pages’ design depends on your shop’s original template from where the header, footer and sidebar will load. But, everything in the content area can be customized.

Partial area edit

Partial area edit allows you to add new contents and graphics to your existing design. The whole page will load as it is and you will be able to add design elements in the page with genie page builder.

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