How to export and import a page in genie page builder?

Genie page builder offers page export and import options to make it easy for you to keep backup of your pages or to share with other genie users and community. In this tutorial, we will show you how to export and import a page from genie page builder.

Step-1: Go to page list from your page builder menu and locate the page you want to export.

Step-2: There is a button to export next to each page title. Click on that and the page export file will be downloaded into your computer. This file is in json format. If you open it in browser, you will not see any design or content.

Step-3: Now to import your exported file, go to page list section of the page builder. There is a button on the top of page list called import page, click the button to start.

Step-4: After clicking the button a popup with necessary options will appear. Click the browse button and select your imported file and upload. Your page will be imported instantly and appear in page list. You can edit this newly imported page just like any other genie page.

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