How to setup shipping rate calculator in your store?

Shipping calculator module estimates shipping cost and lets merchants easily display shipping costs before the checkout. The app automatically detects user location based on their IP address and display corresponding shipping costs on the cart page. This strategy is widely used to boost checkout rate.

Setting up shipping calculator is very easy. In this tutorial, I will guide you through all the elements in the settings to help you understand app dashboard better.

App settings

The shipping calculator widget can be activated and deactivated simply turning on/off a button from this settings. Turn the button on to activate the button in storefront.

Message settings

Genie shipping rate calculator comes with preset texts. It also automatically inherits design from your store cart page and blends in perfectly. Shipping calculator module is 100% translation ready. Use any language in unicode format to translate the whole widget.

After customising the message and language settings, save the changes and your shipping calculator is ready.

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