How to setup cart editor module in your store?

Setting up a cart editor module is super easy. Thanks to our easy to use dashboard, it takes less than a minute to setup cart editor in your store. In this tutorial, I will guide you through all the elements in the settings to help you understand cart editor dashboard better.

Cart editor activation

The first section of the dashboard is the app activation using a simple toggle button. You can turn on or off the app with a single click.

Text settings

This setting section is to edit the button texts and message. It comes with a preset setting so that you can start immediately. You can also edit the text according to your need.

Design settings

Cart editor automatically inherits design from template. You can also customize the font style, color and size for buttons and messages using this setting. To use any custom button design use, bootstrap button class without any html parameters. For example: btn btn-primary

Save your changes and your app setup is completed.

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