How to create or edit a page with genie page builder?

Genie page builder helps you to create standalone pages and edit any page from your shopify store. Drag and drop editor makes it easier to design a page in just a few minutes. Genie also offers high converting and modern page templates for you use.

Step-1: Select page type

Click on Create new page button and a popup with page type selection options will appear. Click on the appropriate page type you want to create or edit.

Step-2: Select content area

For every page types except landing page, it will ask you to select type of page content area. You can edit “Full page” or “Content area” or only “Partial” areas of a shopify page. Full page edit means, you design a page from scratch, content area means, your store header and footer remains intact and you edit the content area. And lastly, partial edit means, your current page design remains same and you add or edit new contents to it.

Step-3: Select a template

In this step, you will select a predeisnged template for your page. If you are creating a landing page or editing content area or full page of shopify hosted pages, you will have to select a template. You can select from 30+ high converting page templates or create a page from scratch by selecting blank template. We recommend to start with one of our template and modify it according to your need.

Step-4: Select product or collection page to edit

For editing shopify product or collection page, it will ask you to select the exact product or collection from your shop that you want to customize. For landing page or standard page, this step will not be presented.

Step-5: Select a title and url for your page

For creating new pages, you will have to put a title and a unique URL handle of the page. The last step of this process is to click on the create new page button and your page is ready to edit. Click on the go to editor button to start designing your page.

Once the page is created, you can find that in the page list. You can edit, publish, un-publish and manage the page from here.

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