How to hide paypal button from your theme?

This module is essential to get rid of the “Checkout with PayPal” button from your shopping cart page. It helps to create a smooth checkout workflow; because you simply do not want to send your customers to PayPal without including the shipping cost. And some of your customers have a coupon code ready to use but the PayPal pages don't show them a field to put it.

Setting up this module is very easy. In this tutorial, I will guide you through all the elements in the settings to help you understand app dashboard better.

App settings

The paypal hiding module can be activated and deactivated simply turning on/off a button from this settings. Turn the button on to activate the button in storefront.

Hide paypal on product page

There is nothing much to hide the paypal button. Simply toggle the activate button to hide paypal button in your product page.

Hide paypal on cart page

Again, simply toggle the activate button to hide paypal button in your cart page.

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