How to setup a cart reservation timer in your store?

Online merchants lose 67% of sales from cart abandonment. Key factors that influence abandonment can be addressed simply by introducing a sense of urgency into your checkout flow. Cart reservation module helps get more shoppers to complete your checkout process by creating urgency with a countdown timer and pitch texts.

Setting up cart reservation timer is very easy. In this tutorial, I will guide you through all the elements in the settings to help you understand app dashboard better.

App settings

The cart reservation timer can be activated and deactivated simply turning on/off a button from this settings. Turn the button on to activate the button in storefront.

Message settings

This section is to setup your message and countdown period for the cart reservation widget. Message settings come with a preset and supports html tags and short codes for dynamic contents.

Supported html tags: <a>, <i>

Short-codes: {{time_remaining}} = Countdown period

Design settings

Cart reserved module comes with preset designs so that your can start immediately. Using this setting section you can also fully customize style, color, text colors and font size.

Cart reserved module also has live preview to see the changes in realtime while editing. This will help you setup your bar faster.

After customising the design and completing other settings, save the changes and your cart reservation timer is ready.




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