How to create facebook product feed with genie?

FB product feed module syncs your products with Facebook Product Catalog to create Dynamic Product Ads. No more cut off images in your ads. Sync thousands of products and always remain up-to-date. Get in front of millions of people on Facebook & Instagram and retarget them across all their devices to sell more.

Facebook product feed

This module automatically creates a unique product catalog feed for your store. Copy and use this feed to publish your catalog in facebook and instagram to advertise and retarget potential customers with dynamic ads.

Create custom product feed

Along with a general product feed, you can also create custom product feeds for your collections or specific products/variants. Give your custom feed a name, select your variant rule and select your currency format. Additionally, you can select google shopping categories for the feed.

General and custom feeds will sync and update with your product catalog automatically. Absolutely, no maintenance is required.

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