How to scan and fix broken links with genie?

Broken links mean high bounce rates and fewer customers. When potential customers click on a link to your website they're expecting to find information about your shop and products. Unfortunately incorrect or outdated links can leave your visitors stuck with a 404 error. Genie broken link scanner will help you fix this problem.

Scanning and fixing broken links with genie is very easy. In this tutorial, I will guide you through all the elements in the settings to help you understand app dashboard better.

Broken link scanner and fixer

Genie smart scanner crawls your store automatically when you log in to this module to find broken links. If your store has any broken links, genie broken link scanner will list those in the app dashboard.

From the app dashboard, you will be able to set redirection for your broken links to your preferred locations and never loose a customer ever again.

If there is no broken links to fix, your scan result will come up clean and you do not have to do anything. Use this module to scan for broken links from time to time to make sure, your store is up to date for search engines and customers.

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