How to setup json-ld schema for your store?

Get more organic search traffic from Google, without having to fight for better rankings by using rich results and rich snippets. Google's rich results and rich snippets is the best way to stand out. Instead of the generic listing in search results you can get your product's photos, prices, availability, and reviews into the search results with this module. With a few clicks, genie json-ld module will optimise your store for rich snippets.

Setting up json-ld schema is very easy. In this tutorial, I will guide you through all the elements in the settings to help you understand app dashboard better.

Google structure data (JSON-LD) settings

Fill out the form and save to setup your structure data for authority listing and ranking in Google. The form is simply about data like your company or brand name, address, customer support phone numbers and your brand social profiles.

Once you have filled out the form, your rich text and snippet is ready and submitted to search engines. It usually takes a few days to get indexed. Once indexed, your brand will show up on google search result rich snippet position on right and in google map listing with maximum visibility.

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