How to create and submit your store xml sitemap to search engines?

Sitemaps are essential part of search engine optimisation. It assists your customers navigate your store easily and lets search engine to index your product pages properly. In short, sitemaps help you bring new organic customers to the store and sell more. Seo sitemap module automatically creates an xml sitemap for you in minutes. Just a few clicks and you are all set.

Setting up all in one bar is very easy. In this tutorial, I will guide you through all the elements in the settings to help you understand app dashboard better.

Step-1: Give your xml sitemap a name. This will be the title for your xml sitemap

Step-2: Write a small description for your xml sitemap. We recommend writing a keyword rich description between 100-200 characters for best results.

Step-3: Now use the create sitemap button to generate your xml sitemap. Once the sitemap is generated, it will appear in a field with copy button.

Step-4: Move on to the next setting section. Here you will find submit sitemap button. Simply click the button and your sitemap will be submitted to all major search engines including google, yahoo, bing and altavista.

Once you have completed these steps, your xml sitemap is ready and submitted to search engines for faster indexing and higher ranking.

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