Genie shopify app pricing and trial explained.

At Genie, we believe everyone should get an equal opportunity to succeed. No matter if you are a startup store or a growing business, we give you the exact same software and support as our enterprise users. And good news is, it will not break your bank.

Every genie shopify app user starts with a 7 days free trial. There is no string attached. If you do not want to continue your subscription after the free trial, just uninstall the app and you will not be billed. It’s that simple. Usually genie app pays for itself during the trial. Take action during your trial period and you will love our app.

After the free trial, you will be billed only $25.00 per month. There is no hidden fee and no discrimination according to your business size.

Our billing and subscription is managed by shopify’s state of the art billing api. So no external billing required.

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