Genie pre-order module comes with an algorithm that fetches design from your store template and blends in with native design properly. You don’t need to do anything for that, it’s pretty much automatic.

Genie pre-order module also has options to fully customize the color, texts and everything. To start with the customizations, you need to go to the settings area in the app dashboard.

Text setting

Our app’s text setting comes with pre-set so that you can start right away. Also feel free to edit the texts to match your need. You can change the button text, message texts and pre-order limit from this panel.

Design setting

Genie pre-order module automatically fetches design from your store template to blend the design perfectly. You can also use custom color, font, font weight, text color etc according to your need.

That’s pretty much with the settings. Genie pre-order module has real time preview of the design in the app dashboard. It helps to take decision faster while editing the designs and texts. And for any issue, feel free to contact our support.