How to install genie app in your shopify store?

Installing genie in your shopify store is very easy. Like any other apps, you just have to install the app, activate your payment authorization and genie is ready for your store.

In this tutorial, I am going to guide you step by step to install genie in your shopify store. Let’s start.

Step-1: Go to genie app store listing

The first step of installing genie is to visit the app store profile. Go to genie app store listing here: Click Here and click on the Add app button.

Step-2: Input your store url

Once you have clicked the add app button, a popup will appear. Input your store’s domain and click the login button.

Step-3: Approve app permission

The next step is approving app api permission. Genie will ask for necessary api permission for your store. Click the install app button to approve api scopes.

Step-4: Approve app billing

In the final step of installation, you will be presented with genie billing approval screen. Approve genie app billing charges and your free trial will start immediately.

That’s all; genie is installed and ready for your store. Enjoy genie app’s 37+ amazing features and feel free to contact our support for any question you have.

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