How to add a back to top button in your storefront?

If you have long product pages with a lot of contents and your pages are experiencing high bounce rates, this simple feature will make browsing and shopping easier. Create a happy browsing experience for potential customers and reducing page bounce rates with back to top module. Simply activate the feature, and instantly you will make browsing a lot pleasant for your customers on mobile and desktop.

In this tutorial, I will guide you through all the elements in the settings to help you understand app dashboard better.

App settings

The back to top button can be activated and deactivated simply turning on/off a button from this settings. Turn the button on to activate the button in storefront.

General settings

Better add to cart module comes with preset settings so that you can start immediately. Also you can customize the position of the button as well as fine-tune the visibility based on your store design. You can choose between right or left position for the button. Usually it is a good practice to position the button on the bottom right corner of the store.

Design settings

Back to top button comes with preset design settings so that you can start right away. You also have the freedom to customise button color, icon color, padding etc.

After customising the design, save the changes and your back to top button is all setup.



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