How to setup quick view module in your store?

Setting up quick view module in shopify store is super easy. Once you clicked on the settings page of the module, you will land on the quick view setup dashboard. In this tutorial, I will guide you through all the elements in the settings to help you understand bundle dashboard better.

App status

The first section of the dashboard is consisting of app activation and Facebook pixel setup. By just toggling the switch you can enable and disable the quick view app. If you are using Facebook tracking pixel in your store, add Facebook pixel id here in this settings.

Button design settings

Quick view module comes with preset design so that your can start immediately. Use this setting to modify your button design. You have full freedom to modify the button text, color, font and everything.

Product popup design setting

With genie app, you have full control over your front-end design. Our app comes with a preset design that looks stunning in every store template. You can also choose to customize the button and pop design look and texts.

This section let’s you customize the product detail popup cosmetics with a live editor. You do not need to have prior coding or technical skill to use our editor.

That’s pretty much with the settings. Quick view has real time preview of the design in the app dashboard. It helps to take decision faster while editing the designs and texts. And for any issue, feel free to contact our support.

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