How to setup sticky add to cart bar in your store?

Setting up sticky add to cart module in shopify store is super easy. Once you have activated the module from genie dashboard, you will land on the bar setting dashboard. In this tutorial, I will guide you through all the elements in the settings to help you understand app dashboard better.

General settings

In this section of the setting, you will be able to decide on the text settings for add to cart button, sticky bar position and add to cart button destination. Once you have setup these, the next step is design settings.

Design settings

With genie sticky add to cart module, you have full control over your front-end design. Our app automatically inherits design from your store template and blends in perfectly. You can also choose to customize the design according to your need. Thanks to our live editor, frontend design is super easy for sticky cart bar. You do not need to have prior coding or technical skill to use our editor.

Floating cart design settings

The last step of the setup process is setting up floating cart. You have full freedom to choose the floating cart color, shape, style and everything. Once you have finalized your floating cart, your first stick bar is ready.

Save the changes and enjoy better conversion rates.

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